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Short story

This was what I’ve got from the last day of class.

“Something being out of reach, in life – death vanishing- oozing away- oozing out like – your life – death.”

It’s hard to work on that since it seems very… shallow and dark. But here’s what i’ve got.


At that Moment

I stretched out my left hand to reach for one of the bars in front of me. The Brooklyn Bridge. I wonder how many deaths were occurred from this bridge? How many lives were lost, oozing away as they fell. Light, vanishing as you feel the air pushing against you when you jump. I squeezed onto the bar harder and pulled myself closer to it’s rail. I hear the cars behind me driving by. I feel the wind blowing across my face.  I then looked up to see the sky clear as ever with beautiful white clouds here and there. The smell of the water fills my lungs. I closed my eyes to let the scenery sink in. Nature. So beautiful yet so out of reach. What does it feel like… to be in the middle of air with nothing by your hands or your feet, pinning you down?  I opened my eyes and looked down to the water view thousands of feet below. I can feel every strand of hair on my body stood up. My heart was pounding faster and my breaths were getting heavier. Would it be a fast death? If i were to jump? Would I live and suffer the consequences in a hospital for life? Would anybody care if I were gone? Would they cry? Would I regret it before I reach the water? Is it instant? Or am i going to have to suffer under the water? So many thoughts ran through my mind. I lift my left leg up and stepped on one of the bottom rails. Fear spread across me from every inch of my body. I was panicking. I was scared.  I watched the water flow underneath and and held onto the bar so tight that i can feel the sweat coming out from my palms. I closed my eyes again and tried to breathe. Just then a voice came from my side and interrupted me. “Lady it’s too dangerous to be standing there. Please step off.” I was startled. I quickly shot my eyes back open and jumped off the rail as if I’ve been caught doing something bad. “Sorry” I told the construction worker next to me and quickly walked away. A sign of relief flew over me. The sweat i had is now being cooled down by the breeze as i walked down the bridge. When i got home my home my daughter ran to me while screaming “MOMMY” into my ears. I bend down and stretched my hands out to take her into my arms. And then at that moment… I’ve smiled.


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