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Peer critique, in case you’ve never got to see it.

For starters, I would like to say, I was a bit confused by whether or not Jamie is a he or a she. I have a close girlfriend that’s name Jamie, but since Jamie is a unisex name, I can’t automatically assume my mystery classmate is a female. The blog was titled “What’s eating Jimmy, a blog about food and Jimmy” and for awhile I thought “Jimmy” was a guy. The tone throughout the entire blog sounds very…masculine. It wasn’t until “his” poem came out that I have suspicions “Jimmy” may be a girl (since the poem was very feminine). Now, I’m just confused, however since the roommate is a female, let’s just assume, mystery classmate really is a she.

Aside from that, I found the blog extremely interesting, in fact, it was hysterical. The author started off the first post with the title “Day 0! An idea is born.” Usually people start with Day 1, so it was interesting to see Day 0 being titled first. It was a day where “an idea is born” and has not yet been carried out, so I can see where the zero came in; very cute! The author plans to drop her junk food diet including her favorite, “cheese,” in order to support her “Roomie’s” vegan diet for 3 weeks. Vegan! Now, I, as a vegetarian, found this little experiment fascinating. I was anxious to find out how her roommate can manage to pull off a vegan diet. Even I can’t give up egg and cheese! Plus not to mention, vegans live a very expensive live style!

Her second post was titled “Panic sets in.” From the title, it brought excitement. Right off the back you can sense the hesitation from the author. The words “uh-oh” popped in my head. I wondered how his attempt to cook vegan food would turn out. “Vegan loves tofu.” That’s true. I can relate. I think all vegetarians and vegans love tofu. In fact, we have too, or else that’s 70% of our imitation meat being crossed off our diet list; at that rate, we’ll really starve to death. “The word tofu nearly send me running to the frig for the first leg-of-animal I could get my hands on.” HA! That comment had me burst into laughter. Quite the comedian, Jamie is. I’m glad the teriyaki meal turned out alright (with the amount of sauce she puts on, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t). Teriyaki, my favorite sauce! I almost wished the picture can popped up 3D for me to taste too.

Jamie had a “melt-down” in her 3rd post, “Week 3, off the wagon.” Eating healthy and giving up cheese was too “hard” for her after all.  She literally slammed on as much as cheese and peanut butter she can on her meal. Jamie also mentioned that her roommate was having a hard time with her vegan diet too. I can imagine. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, well almost all my life, and for a carnivore (I assume she was a carnivore prior since she eats fish, or maybe a pescatarian) to suddenly go cold-turkey, it must have been dreadful.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts and wished she had continued posting afterwards. About the experience of craving something when you know you can’t eat it but it’s so tempting since it’s sitting right in the fridge as if it’s calling your name every second, trying to lure you in. I also wished her posts had been longer. It’s been 3 weeks. I’m sure teriyaki tofu was not the only meal they’ve ate. They should have researched a bit more on the multiple recipes that’s available online for vegans and (non-cheese dishes). Perhaps then it wouldn’t be as “hard” as she had described.

As for the poem, I thought it was nice, simple, and refreshing. It sends direct messages to readers of how the lover in the poem did not wish to be separated from her (assuming the poet is a female) significant other.  It’s a poem about desperate love or clingy love to be more exact. However, clinginess is something everyone can relate to, especially those who’s been in a lovey dovey moments of a relationship. There’s always a stage when a couple wish to spend every single second of their moments with each other, never wanting to leave each other’s side. (Until they drive each other crazy and couldn’t wait to get away from one another, but that’s a different story) From the voice of the poet, it seems like she is afraid of being left alone. Afraid of her love, “leaving”, and never returning, not knowing what she would do if he really doesn’t return since she’s so used to him being around her. All the things she claimed “only [he] knows how” to do, shows exactly how much the poet is attached and relies on her lover.  Although I do think this poem can also be placed at a different era as well. I can imagine an innocent farm girl waiting silently for the return of her lover by the window. From the surface, the poem seems short, simple, and blend. However if you were to dig deeper with a little touch of imagination, you would be able to find multiple emotions and meanings attached to it.

lookin�A t�qp ��p their backs facing us. I then created this whole, made up story how those two men were searching for the lost Land of Alantis, and after a long journey, they’ve found it. It was hidden inside the waterfall, or the pathway to the land was. That was funny.


I’m not too sure; if you’ve got the chance to read my peer critique since Jamie never approved it. I remember letting you know the week after, but never had the chance to ask if you’ve seen it yet. I went back to her site and still didn’t see my comment, and also saw the post that I’ve commented on, which is her first poem, was deleted. So just to be safe, I will post the peer critique on another page. It was originally addressed to you, but then you said you wanted us to comment under our peer’s blog so I’ve converted the words to make it addressed to her instead. But the copy that I will be posting on my own blog is still addressed to you.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this class. It was fun, challenging myself and test my creativity. I’ve realized how I haven’t done that in so long that my creativity is still at the same level as it was back then in high school. This class really put my mind to work. Like… real work. Research papers, with the help of internet, it mostly only takes time to construct, but creative writing, you actually need to think a lot harder. I would probably need a letter of recommendation soon, sometime next year since I’m graduating in the next semester, hopefully. If not, probably in 2013. I hope you won’t forget about me… lol. But since my grades aren’t exactly that, outstanding, I do need as much aid I can get so I was really glad when you’ve offered to the class. Not many teachers want the extra work. Yay! =)

The only thing I didn’t like… was probably the attendance points deduction. 4 points was a lot. And to think I used to complain about my other teacher’s 2 points deduction. Haha. But I guess it is creativity class, and our presence is absolutely important. Just to be sure, I’ve only been absent three times. Twice was from a doctor’s appointment. One of the doctor’s notes I’ve shown you, but the second, was the week before thanksgiving, I believe… and we didn’t meet on the week of thanksgiving so I’ve forgotten to show you my 2nd doctor’s note.

Thank you for teaching this class, you were a really great and inspiration professor. The group assignment, where everyone got in a circle and started to create poems and stories was really fun. I’ve enjoyed that a lot. You should definitely continue that in your future classes.

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