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Long story

“You ripped his head off and tore his body apart! You don’t remember?” “I WHAT?” I shot my eyes open and asked as I stood up from my bed. “Everything inside splattered out then you went and grabbed a knife and started to stab at his already deformed body!” Immediately my face went pale and my features dropped from knitted eyebrows and narrowed eyes to a blank expression. What in the world is she talking about?  I rest my arms on the rails of the bed trying to grasp in everything that was just said. But before I can sort through my chains of thoughts, my moment of silence was interrupted. “You really don’t remember anything, do you?” my best friend asked in a slow pace as she leaned forward and placed her right palm on my left shoulder.  I turned to my left and looked directly into her eyes with confusion written all over my face. She shot me back with a pair of widen eyes and concerned expression. I turned my head back straight and stared hard onto the edge of bed where my feet lie under the blanket. I clenched my fingers onto the rails and stared hard trying to recall all the events that had happened last night. Ok, I was on my laptop writing my article for Glamor, a women’s Fashion Magazine, and then… I was starting to feel drowsy. It was probably the flu medicine kicking in. Nighttime, Theraflu, they work like magic in putting you to sleep. But did I actually go to sleep? No… wait! I DID… no hold on… I remember resting my head down on my arms on the table next to my computer. And then… “Nothing!” I said out loud unconsciously. “What?” my friend asked at the sudden word that escaped my mouth. “I said NOTHING! I remember nothing! I only remember taking a brief rest in the dining room and then that was it! My mind went blank!” I spoke eagerly while looking directly at my friend. She lifted her hand up from my shoulder and leaned back into her chair. “Well something must have happened or else you wouldn’t have stabbed the poor guy.” Ridiculous! Everything she’s saying is ridiculous!  “Gilessa I loved Dino more than anything! You know that!” And it’s true! I wouldn’t have hurt him! I couldn’t! … Could I? “I know you do. We all do. But you did get into a fight with… you know…him” Gilessa responded back as she tries to emphasis the word “him” in her sentence. I glanced away trying to pretend I didn’t catch what she meant. Then all of the sudden another question popped into my head. “Wait… so what am I doing here? In a hospital bed?” I knitted my eyebrows back together in confusion. “I happened to walked into house when you were chopping away at Dino and when I stepped into the living scene, you paused and stared at me with you right hand still in the air holding onto that knife.” I stared at her rosy lips as she explained the event in details for me. “I was so scared!” she continued. “You were really looking dead at me. Holy S***! You looked like you would have charged at me if I had said a word and for a second I really thought about running!” Gilessa placed her left hand over her mouth as if still terrified from last night’s encounter. “And then what happened?” I asked. I felt like I was listening to another person’s story. Eager to know what happens next. “Then you… fainted” she said as she dropped her hand into her lap. “FAINTED?” I asked with an awkward yet unbelievable tone. “Yeah. You just fainted. Right then and there. You dropped the knife in your hand and just… fell to the floor. I walked over and kicked the knife to the other side and tried to shake you awake but you didn’t budge so I called 911 and they send an ambulance over and you ended up… here” she took a long breath after finishing her story. Ok THAT… I had NOT expected! It doesn’t even make sense! What? Had I been so overly exhausted from stabbing a stuffed animal that I’ve fainted?  “What happened to me?” I muttered silently under my breath. Not silent enough since Gilessa was able to hear. She placed her right hand on my left arm and won my attention as I turned my head towards her. “That,” she said as she leaned forward to me, “is the million dollar question, Jenn.” She then paused for a second before she continued, “Maybe… you were possessed?”

* * * * *

Possessed? You’ve got to be kidding me. 14 hours had passed since my release from the emergency room. I wonder how the conversation even went when Gilessa tried to dialed 911. “OMG! HELP ME! MY BEST FRIEND JUST FAINTED FROM STABBING A STUFF ANIMAL! PLEASE COME!” Ha! Even the thought of it makes it ridiculous. I hadn’t fully brought her story until I went home last night and was faced to face with stuffing splattered all over my kitchen floor and Dino’s lifeless body laying there with his head partially detached. I was horrified. First thing that went through my mind was…I did this? I almost shed a tear when I picked him up from the floor delicately and placed him in my arms. I even had thoughts about stitching him back up. I mean after all, he was my favorite stuffed animal! Had it since my first valentine with…him. I wonder what he would think of me if he finds out Dino’s in pieces. Great! He’s going to think of me more psychotic than he probably already does. Just great! And what’s worse is that I don’t even remember anything! Possession… is that even possible? I mean, I’ve heard stories from ancient tales that my grandma used to scare us before bedtime but I’ve grown out of them once I’ve aged. Supernatural forces, sure I semi-believe them, kind off…but why would any force try to possess me just to jab away at a stuff animal? And why Dino? Why does it have to be my favorite stuffed horse that I’ve made at build-a-bear four years ago? Why does it have to be him? Could have been piggy or teddy or even Mr. Ugly potato head. I just don’t get it! “UGH” I screamed out loud with my hands swing to the air. The lady in front of me turned around and gave me a stunned yet puzzled look. Mental smack in the head! Totally forgot I was at Starbucks waiting for my coffee. Idiot! “Sorry” I said while giving a soft saluting sign with my right hand. I looked down at my watch. 9:15. Shoot. I’m late. Working at Glamour isn’t fun at all. It’s serious business. Don’t think all writers get to choose their own topics in their articles. Oh no! Only the special ones are granted with that privilege. I, the less favored ones, must accept whatever is assigned to us, and we all run on a strict deadline. Malinda will have my head on a stake if I don’t hand in my article today. It’s already a night delayed due to my… mid-crisis last night. As our manager, Malinda never had the patience to deal with late submitters. But that doesn’t stop her from blowing up our voicemails if our articles aren’t in at the time it’s supposed to be. She does after all, have her own higher ups to report to.

I wonder what Gilessa is doing right now. She should be on her way to the studio. Gilessa’s boyfriend Josh is a drummer at some kind of beginner band. I say beginner since I still can’t recall the name of that band. But then again, I was never that into bands in the first place. Neither was Gil. However Josh, I admit, was one hot drummer and Gil never lets opportunities such as him, slip from her palms. I reached for my iphone in my left pocket and dialed her number. It hit voicemail after ringing a few times. I’ve decided to try again but this time, it went straight to voicemail after only one ring. “Hey you’ve reached Gilessa Gomez. Sorry I’m not here, but do leave a message and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.” Thank you. I mentally mocked her fake sweet tone. “Gil! If I find that you’re screening my calls I’ll tear your head apart.” Suddenly a voice came from behind me, “that wouldn’t be the first.” I turned my head slightly to my left behind to see an unwanted face. I tried hard not to roll my eyes. “Just give me a call as soon as possible!” I finished my message through the phone and hung up. With that I turned around to face Damon. The no-good friend of my boyfriend’s who once had a thing for Gilessa. But of course she turned him down. Can you blame her? Gilessa was the queen of aerobics with curves that can cause car crashes if she were to run pass the Brooklyn Bridge. Not to mention she’s a praised model working under IMG. “What do you want?” I narrowed my eyes and gave him the dirtiest look I can.” “Now now, is that a way to treat a friend?” he says with that usual cocky smile of his. “What are you doing here?” I asked with annoyance. “The same as you of course, waiting for my coffee.” He replied while lifting his right arm slightly in the air revealing a wrapped sandwich. “Shall we sit?” he swings his head a bit to the left where the seats are. “We?” I asked while lifting an eyebrow. “Oh come on, we’re both here, might as well.” Damon spoke those words with a smile on his face, showing a dimple in his left cheek. Ok fine, I guess he has his charms too. Gil and he probably would have made a good match, if it wasn’t for that cocky attitude of his. “Why are you here, in this Starbucks? Of all Starbucks you had to pick the one by my work place?” I looked at him for an answer but he just shrugged. “You look awful.” He said. Gee thanks. I mentally rolled my eyes. “I haven’t had much sleep last night.” His smile turned into a smirk right after I’ve said those words. “So I’ve heard” he replied. “About?” I asked while looking curiously and suspiciously into his dark eyes. “About your little incident last night,” he answered. “From who?” I questioned with my eyes narrowed. His smirk then turned into a large grin. Then it hit me, why do I even bother ask. “Who do you think? It’s all over Facebook. Imagine if I put it in my article. Ex-Girlfriend gone crazy, sent to hospital from stabbing stuffed animals. It would be priceless” he finished. I was trying hard, very hard… not to explode. Damon is one of those paparazzi working for the People’s  magazine. He likes to call himself “photo-journalist” but he’s really just a selfish money-hungry liar. Mental reminder to smack Gil in the head once I see her, that girl was never able to hold her tongue. “What do you mean ex-girlfriend? Richard and I are still together. We’re just…on a break. And I had NOT gone crazy. I don’t even remember everything that had happened.” “Right…” he smirked again. “There’s no such thing as breaks. You guys are still fighting over that girl?” He asked. That girl… was someone I caught my boyfriend flirting with on the phone. “I saw his phone, Damon. Read all his messages with her. Well parts of it. They were flirting. He never used to hide his phone. Ever! And now all of the sudden these past few months he’s giving me this “men need privacy” bullshyt and changed the password to his iphone. How was I supposed to let that slide?” Every time that girl comes into subject I find myself fuming with anger. It was hard not to raise my tone. “Maybe you weren’t that great in bed and he had to seek pleasure from another?” he said. Alright that was it! I lift my right hand up and tried to hit him, but he caught it with his left palm and stopped my hand in midair. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding” he said in defense but that damn grin never left his face. “Let go” I pulled my hand away from his. Everything about this man always seems to piss me off. Every time I see him he always had something to say. Ugh. I was virgin when I went out with Richard four years ago. He was one of the hottest detectives working under NYPD. At that time I had just graduated from Fordham University for about a year and half, and was newly hired at Glamour. Funny isn’t it? Graduated with a law degree then became a writer to one of women’s top fashion magazine instead of being a successful lawyer everyone expected me to be. That’s when I met Damon. He was interviewing Malinda, my manager, for his article and I accidently spilled a cup of coffee on his suit. At that time I didn’t know he was one of Richard’s best friends since Richard and I had just merely begun dating. But ever since then, Damon had the image of me as a brainless clutz who only cares about hair and clothes. He often joked with Richard about me being a dead fish in bed due to my inexperience. Needless to say, I despise him. “At least I get some kind of action. Unlike you, you’re stuck with Mr. Lefty and Righty.” I was pretty satisfied with my comeback after seeing him mouth an “ouch” silently but then he’s lips drifted back into a smile shortly afterwards. This time both his dimples appeared on his cheeks. “So what happened?” he asked. “What happened what?” I wasn’t so sure what he was asking about. “What happened to you and that poor teddy?” he replied. “Not teddy, Dino. He’s a house. And I told you. I don’t remember. All I can recall was drifting away in a nap and then waking up in a hospital bed with Gilessa beside me.” The sound of Gilessa’s name sort of broke his smile a bit. Just a bit. “Well that’s odd” he said while lifting up both of his eyebrows for a second. “Did you black out from a drug or something?” he asked. If I didn’t know any better, I would probably mistake his question as a concern. But he’s paparazzi after all. They’re known for their curiosity. “Jennifer?” the lady over the Starbucks counter asked for my name while holding my mocha latte. “That’s me” I answered as I reached out to grab for my coffee and thanked the lady. I turned to Richard and sighed. “I need to get back to work. I guess I’ll see you around.” I started to walk towards the door but he stopped me in my tracks by pulling gently onto my right arm. “Hey, Jenn” his voice was a bit different this time. I turned around to see that his smile had left his face. “Be careful alright?” he added. From what? – was what I wanted to ask. But before I can let those two words escape, he had already left through the door.

* * * * *

After a long day at work, I’ve finally made it home in one piece. I dropped my purse and coat on the floor in my bedroom and ran straight for my bed. I buried my face in my pillow and took a deep breath as I rolled around with my blanket under my belly. But before I can snooze off, my phone went off and I groaned as I got up and reached for my purse. “Hello?” I asked through the phone. “Hey you’ve called before?” the girl on the other end asked. I recognized her voice. Gilessa. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you all morning!” I said loudly into the phone. “Sorry! I was…heh, in the middle of something.” “EWW!” I screeched. That early in the morning?  I squeezed my eyebrows together in disgust. She started to giggle over the phone as if it was something to be proud sharing over a phone conversation. “I know. He was still asleep at the studio; I had to give him one of my special wake-a-lings,” she added. “OHmigod, you can stop there,” I quickly cut her off before she can add in anymore details. Of course that only encouraged her to giggle even more. I sighed and sat myself on the floor next to my purse. She must have heard me sighed and knew something was up, smart of her. “You alright?” she stopped giggling and asked in a serious tone, but that only made me sigh even heavier. “I don’t know. I just couldn’t sleep the whole night yesterday and now I’m exhausted but…” I looked over at the closet next to my bed where I had stored the now deformed Dino in, “ugh… I don’t know.” “You’re still worried about what happened last night?” she asked. “I guess. I mean, how can I not? Dino’s body was completely destroyed and I had no memory of it. And then you had to hint the word “possession” and that had me a bit worried. Then I couldn’t sleep and now I have panda eyes!!!” I took a deep breath after finish my sentence. “You actually took that seriously? Jenn I was just kidding,” she said. “Yah? Which part? The part you saw me stabbing dino or the part you think I was possessed?” There was silence over the phone. I guess my question had her question her own statement for a second. The silence didn’t last long before she began to speak up again. “I know…why don’t we talk it over at dinner? I’ve invited Helen and Susie too. They were worried about you. Wang Shang Hai at seven?” I shift my head slightly to the left to glance over at my empty bed and sighed for the hundred thousand times this day. Looks like I won’t be resting anytime soon. “Fine, I’ll see you later.”

* * * * *

I’ve arrived at the Chinese restaurant at around 7:15. I never was good with my timing. It’s only 15 minutes after seven. I thought either Gilessa or Susie would probably be late, so I didn’t really hurry myself to get there on time.  Gilessa, because she likes to run a fashion show for 2 hours in front of her mirror before she steps out the door each time, but mostly Susie, since she lived far down Long Island. She doesn’t have her license yet so the MTA ride from her house to Flushing, NY takes about an hour after 2 transfers. That’s usually the excuse she gives us each time she’s 40 minutes late when we meet, but tonight, to my surprise, she was actually on time. So was everyone else. I looked over at the table where Gilessa was sitting. After seeing me walking over, she quickly got up and dashed over with her arms attacking my neck. “JENNNN! You’ve made it!” No I was kidnapped on my way here… Of course I’ve made it. “Yeah” I said while trying to tug her off gently…well as gently as I can. “Gil…get off” I said. She let go of her arms around my neck and looked at me with a pair of blue contact lenses and fake eyelashes. “I’m starving! Lets order now,” she said while pulling me to the empty seat next to hers. Sigh… Gilessa may be my best friend, but sometimes she’s acts more like my little sister. With that though, I smiled softly to myself. “Hi Jenn!” “HEYY!!!” I looked up to see both Helen and Susie waving at me from the table. I smile and paced myself faster so I can finally be seated with my girls.

After 2 hours of gossips and giggles, we’ve all finally finished with our meals. We were probably the loudest crowd in the room, but I didn’t care. This was one of those moments where stress can be relieved by just laughing and sharing stories with friends at a dinner table. Times like these are priceless. It reminded me of high school all over again. “Should we ask for the check?” Helen asked, breaking my chain of thoughts. “Yeah it’s getting late. We’ve been here for quite awhile,” Susie finished with a chuckle. Helen’s working on her masters at University of Connecticut so we don’t really see her often unless it’s during the holidays or summer vacation. Her dream is to be an influential teacher, her grandmother was to her. Sus on the other hand, is working on her lab tech dream. She was always the book worm of our crew, but that doesn’t mean she’s the quiet shy type. Oh no. She’s more of the slimy prank type. Just the thought of her pranks during camping days in high school brings back good memories. The waitress came over with our check and placed it on the table with a few fortune cookies. Immediately, like kids, we attacked the cookies. I was the last to grab one and Helen was the first to unwrap. “You will find a new friend,” she reads out loud. Susie then read hers, “Mine says, if you speak honesty, everyone will listen.” Well that’s interesting. I started to unwrap my cookie while Gilessa read hers, “Be true to yourself.” I broke the cookie in half and pulled out the paper. To my horror, I read the words imprinted on the white piece of paper silently to myself: You will die in the next 24 hours. “Is this some kind of a joke?” I said out loud looking up at my friends. They were a bit taken back by my sudden outburst and leaned in to look at what my “fortune” was. “Oh shyt…” Gilessa finally said, breaking the silence. “I swear it wasn’t me!” Susie said while looking at me. “Turn it around. See what’s on the back?” Helen asked. I flipped the paper around but didn’t find anything on it. “It’s probably a prank. Someone probably dropped the ‘evil fortune cookies’ while it was packing in factories,” Helen stated. Her guess would probably make sense… if I hadn’t received this at the wrong time. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I’ve reached the sink, I splashed my face with some water then stared at my reflection through the mirror. This is all, just too crazy. I continued to stare at my eyes until a loud “bang” interrupted me on my left. It sent me on high alert. I couldn’t really see what the source of the sound was since side of the first stall was blocking me. But I hesitated before I took a few steps forward. This is just like one of those moments in a scary movie. Except good things never comes after a girl being too curious. My breaths got heavier and my heart was beating faster. I finally reached the end of the stall and stick my head out to peek down the path where the other stalls were. Nothing. No one was there. I wasn’t sure if I was relief or disappointed that I was alone. One of the doors was opened and swinging a bit. I looked behind to see the window opened. That was probably the cause of the huge sound. The wind probably blew it. It happens… right?  I reached for my phone in my pocket to find it not there. I guess I’ve left it at the dinner table. I never did liked being alone at a public bathroom at night, especially the ones with many stalls. I make me feel, unsafe, like someone can pop out of nowhere and catch you off guard.  Something in my mind told me I have to get out fast, before something does happen. But before I can lift my legs up and lead myself towards the exit door, an item on the floor down the stalls from the corner of my eye caught my attention. What is that? I’ve decided to take a few more steps closer to see what it was. It didn’t take long before I’ve realized it was a little doll. But as I got closer, I felt shiver running down my spine. The doll’s neck was detached and her clothes were torn. But she was smiling… and her head was turned towards me. “Hey!” a voice from my back had caused me to scream out loud in tremendous fear and jumped forward as I turned around. “Whoa… calm down. It’s just me.” I was breathing in and out heavily and saw Gilessa standing in front of me. “Ohmygod Gil! Don’t do that,” I said while placing my right hand to my chest. “Sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t hear me come in,” she then started to smile. “But that was priceless. I really got you.” Yeah, you did. I thought in my mind. “What were you looking at?” She continued to ask. She then saw the doll on the floor and walked passed me to reach towards it. “Wow, that’s pretty scary,” she said in response to what she saw. She then bends to her knees to take a better look. She leaned her head a little closer to the doll as if something had caught her attention. “Hey…” she then said while still staring at the doll. “Is this…yours?” At that point she turned her head to face me. “No. It was already there,” I quickly responded in defense. “Well, it was your initials engraved on its clothes,” she then added. I walked next to her and leaned over to see the letters JC imprinted on the plaid red, white, and black dress the doll was wearing. “Well it’s not mine. And JC can be anyone’s name,” I told her. “True. What’s it doing here?” she then asked. “I don’t know. I found it there when I came in,” and it was true. I really did. Gilessa stretched out her hand and dug her fingers down the doll’s torn clothes. “Don’t touch it. It’s dirty!” I said, while trying to pull her hand away. But I stopped midway when we’ve both realized something on the doll’s body. Underneath the torn clothes, the doll’s stuffing’s were popping out in some of the tiny holes on its chest. “She looks like she’s been stabbed,” Gilessa pointed out. She then turned her head to look at me in the oddest way. “Gilessa, I didn’t do that. I’m very conscious right now, and I don’t even have a knife on me,” I said in fear. She then nodded and started to stand up her legs up. “We should go. A child probably left it there or something. Maybe she’s still outside,” she stretched her hand out and grabbed mine, then pulled me away from the doll and walked towards the exit door of the bathroom. But before I stepped out completely, I took one last look at the doll, then turned my head back and walked out the door.

* * * * *

          My friends and I parted after the restaurant. Gil offered to have me sleep over. But I can sense, she was a bit scared from the doll scene too. Perhaps it reminded her of me stabbing Dino, though I have no memory of it. I turned down her offer and told her I’ll be alright. I walked to my car and got in. Put my keys in through the slot and turned on the engine. As I pull out from the parking lot of the restaurants, my phone rang. I looked at my purse on the passenger’s seat next to me and tried to dig my right hand through the bag while my left hand was on the wheel. Shyt. I cursed under my breath. I can’t seem to find my stupid phone. After a few more seconds it stopped ringing so I decided to give up. My house is only 15-20 minutes away from the restaurant but on its way is a cemetery located on the left of the road. The first few times I drove passed there at night I was scared. But after a few years, I’ve gotten used to it. My parents live in bayside, since I decided to move out and live on my own when I was 22. Now that I’m 26, I’ve grown to be a lot more independent than I was in the beginning when I’ve first moved out. I remember the first few weeks of moving in to my new house in flushing, I asked Gilessa to crash over a few days. That’s why she has keys to my house. In fact, a few of my other close friends had keys to my house too. That’s probably not a good thing. But I was one of the first in our group that had my own crib, free from parents, and free for people to crash over at any hour, and my friends took advantage of that. Though I didn’t mind either since it was always nice to have company around. My phone started to ring again and this time, I was able to get to the phone in my purse. I took a quick glance at the screen and the name “unknown caller” appeared. “Hello?” I asked through the phone. But there was no answer. I asked again. Still no answer. I looked on my left to see the tombs pass by as I drove through. I then lowered my hand to look at the screen again and the call was still active. No disconnections. I pulled it back to my ear and said “Hello” one more time before I hung up. Weird. I put my phone next to my purse on the seat and looked at the mirror on my left and didn’t find anything that seemed suspicious. But then I took a better look at the mirror on top and saw a black car behind me. Not too close, but not that far either. The scary thing was that the headlight is off so I was hard to even tell that there was a car behind. Is it following me? I asked myself, but that made it worst. I’ve became high alert as I remember the words from the fortune cookie. I reached for my phone again and had the number 911 dialed on the screen, ready to press send if anything were to happen. That was a habit of mine. Whether I was walking home alone or I felt someone was following me from behind, I would always take out my phone and pretend to be on a phone call while my thumb was on the send button with 911 dialed. I took a few turns and the car was still on my trail. I was only a few blocks away from my house but I didn’t know if I should head there or head somewhere else instead. I felt safer in my car then I would if I were to get out and walk to my door at night. I looked at the time on the radio screen on my right: 9:45. It wasn’t that late. There were a few other cars coming towards me on the opposite side. I looked at the front mirror again and saw that the car in the back made a left turn and was out of my site. I felt myself relaxed a bit and took a deep breath. I was already a block away from my house now. I made a left turn to the dead end on my block and parked in my driveway. Normally at 10 the streets in flushing is still pretty busy, but I live in an area that’s pretty quiet and secluded and lots of dead ends so not that many cars would pass by. It seemed like a good thing when I first moved in until I realized it can be pretty freaky at times if I were to go home in the middle of the night. I gathered a few things from my trunk and clicked on the alarm button from my keys and heard a “beep” before I walked away. However after a few steps I heard another “beep” and turned around. I didn’t see anyone else there in the dead end, nor any sign of an engine turned on. I’ve decided to let it go and hurried myself to the door. The message from the cookie at the restaurant popped in my head again. I ran up the steps to my door. I didn’t why I feeling scared. It’s better to be safe than sorry right? I tied to dig for my keys in my purse. Ugh, so many pockets. Where the hell are my keys?  I started dropping things I had in my hand that I took out from my truck. Great. The one day I want to be home as soon as possible, everything gets in my way. I bend down to pick up my stuffs and I heard a voice down the steps. “Need help?” I looked up to see a stranger standing on the bottom of my stairs. He was African American male with a gray hoodie on. “No it’s alright I got it. My parents are going to open to door for me, but thanks,” I lied. He then looked at the windows next to me and saw the lights were off. Shyt. My parents and always warned me to turn on a few lights before I leave at night so it doesn’t look like the house is empty. That way I can prevent burglars from getting any ideas. Now was one of the moments I wished I had listed to the wise words of elders. “Doesn’t look like anybody’s home,” he said. I tried to dig for my keys again without looking away from him. “Probably sleeping,” I responded. Seeing that he didn’t move, I’ve decided to speak again. “Can I help you?” I asked. I could have sworn he had the look like he was about to step forward and come up the stairs. But before he can move, another voice interrupted. “Hi honey” the voice said. I looked over to the left and saw Damon a few steps away from the man. The stranger turned his head and saw Damon then he started to walk away. This was probably the first time I felt so relief in seeing Damon ever in my life. As he walked up the stairs to help me pick up my stuffs, I took a deep breath and managed to speak again. “I think you’ve just saved my life,” I told him while breathing out. He handed me the things I’ve dropped on the floor and smirked. “Well that’s a first time a lady has ever said that to me,” he responded. I rolled my eyes. “But you really do need to be more careful. Leave a few lights on before you leave your house,” he then added. “Yeah yeah I know I know,” I continued to dig through my purse for the keys. “And…Always have your keys ready before you get out of the car,” he added again. “What were you doing around here?” I asked while still searching for those stupid damn keys. “I was over at Max’s before,” he replied. Max is one of Richard and Damon’s close friends that lived 3 blocks away from me. After a few more moments, I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for. I slide the key through the knob and turned the slot and pushed the door open. I then turned around to face Damon two steps below me. “You wanna come in?” I asked. He shot me back with a raised eyebrow. “Is that an invitation?” he asked. “Oh come on, you’ve been in here a thousand times,” and it’s true. Rich and his boys usually crash over Sunday nights to watch football. Although I suspected most of his friends were here for Gilessa more than they were to watch a touchdown. “Not without Richard,” he that said. “Look, I’ve had a long day. It’s either you come in or not,” I said as I lean my balance on my right leg. He then took one more step closer to me and was at my height. He leaned in and whispered, “What would you like to do?” in a devilish tone as he winked and smirked. Alright that’s it. I walked into my house and turned around to give him a fake bright smile and said “Good night” before I shut the door on him. But before I managed to take off the boots I was wearing, I saw something that was on the floor of the stairway that leads to the 2nd floor of my house. I turned on the lights to the staircase and screamed. Right on the bottom of the stair next to my feet was piggy sitting there. But his head was detached and placed next to him.


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