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Creative writing was really laid back for me. It was like a break from all those hundreds of research paper I’ve had to do in the past few years. But achieving creativity was a lot harder than I’ve thought. I remember I’ve taken a creative writing class back in high school for years ago, and I’ve loved it. I still do now, except, I feel like I had more inspiration back then. Creating poems were extremely hard. It was so much easier before. Perhaps it’s because as you age, so does your standards, but sometimes not everyone’s creativity catches up to their standards. I’m not too sure if that even makes sense. I believe I’ve struggled through “My Failed Attempt at an Iambic Pentameter!” the most. I still remember waking up at 6am that day and constantly scribbling and writing and then more scribbling. Literally took myself four hours to complete, a “failed” Iambic Pentameter. da-DUM, became DA-dum instead. It was horrible. I think the worst part was going into class thinking, feeling all proud of my achievement, only to find out I failed. It was a letdown. But nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed the challenge, and will continue to challenge myself by jotting down notes on my itouch on everything that I see, feel, hear, or smell whenever I’m at a scenery, that way I can create them into poems when I’m bored. I’ve already started on that ever since I’ve written my second poem, although they’ve really sucked.

My vegetarian post was very inspirational for me. I think it’s because I’ve touched on memories that I’ve never thought much about before. The thought about writing down my experiences with pros and cons as a vegetarian had never crossed my mind. Though I would constantly complain at restaurants when I have nothing to eat, I’ve never did regret staying a vegetarian. I’ve translated the blog to my parents and my mom enjoyed hearing my thoughts too. It was fun… walking down the memory lane. And what surprised me the most was that you and a few others in our class have actually been or still is a vegetarian/vegan. I didn’t think my blog was going to be much of an interesting topic at all. I was glad to find others that actually enjoyed it. I believe the best information I’ve walked out from that assignment was the knowledge that the term “half-vegetarian” does indeed exist. Now I can defend myself in front of friends who mock me, calling me a fake vegetarian, back then when I used to eat a little bit of meat. That was awesome, and I’ve already done so just a few weeks ago with my best friend.

Creating stories, although was probably the best experience in this class, was still harder than I’ve thought. (Like everything was…) I started with “A stranger’s home,” but I’ve realized that I’ve ended the story without any room to continue it. Or at least I haven’t thought of ways to. So I’ve started on a new story, which was the story I’ve created in class. I think I’m the type that works better under sudden moments and with pressure. When I sit at home, I feel like I would over think too much sometimes, that I ended up with nothing on my paper. But continuing the story was the hardest part. I have so many ideas in where the story should go, but at the same time, I feel as if my ideas aren’t really that great, or may not make sense. I ended the first chapter with “possession” and founded myself trapped in a corner since I was struggling with how to end the story. I’ve already written multiple drafts but none of them ended up working out for me. While writing, I ended up writing too much for one scene that was supposed to end with 1-2 pages only. I have now, about 10 page single spaced yet I haven’t even reached the middle of where I’ve wanted the story to go. I feel like there are parts I can and should cut out, but you know the feeling how… you’ve spend time writing those words and you feel they all carry an importance and don’t want to cut anything out, since they were all written through hard effort, well that’s how I felt. But my friends didn’t agree. They think I dragged too much. Most of the time when I’m writing, I just write whatever that comes into mind without even knowing the ending yet, and I end up worrying all the time if it will turn out good. In fact, I worry so much, that I feel like I just want to stop writing, to spare myself from creating a disaster. My story has not yet ended. I’m still having many troubles in how to continue, how to connect my story with “possession.” I don’t really want to create a supernatural story either. I was thinking about, having the hold thing is a set up, and that there will be someone close to her that ends up betraying her. (Although that might be a bit cliché) I remember asking all my friends for inspiration… haha, one of them responded me with this, “This is why you need weed in your room!” But of course, she’s only kidding… I think.

I will probably continue my blog, and story for the next few years. I probably won’t have time to post each week… but I’m keeping the blog up mostly for myself than it is for readers. I’m sure I’m going to come across more experiences where I either, complain about being a vegetarian or happy that I’m actually one. And I need a place to rant to. It’s like a diary… except its public. As for the story, this is my first time creating such a long story with so many characters that actually need developing. Back in high school, my teacher just gave us cut up pictures of different scenes and then told us to pick one and then create a short 1-3 pages story.  I’ve picked a waterfall picture with two men standing in the front looking up at it, with their backs facing us. I then created this whole, made up story how those two men were searching for the lost Land of Alantis, and after a long journey, they’ve found it. It was hidden inside the waterfall, or the pathway to the land was. That was funny.

I’m not too sure; if you’ve got the chance to read my peer critique since Jamie never approved it. I remember letting you know the week after, but never had the chance to ask if you’ve seen it yet. I went back to her site and still didn’t see my comment, and also saw the post that I’ve commented on, which is her first poem, was deleted. So just to be safe, I will post the peer critique on another page. It was originally addressed to you, but then you said you wanted us to comment under our peer’s blog so I’ve converted the words to make it addressed to her instead. But the copy that I will be posting on my own blog is still addressed to you.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this class. It was fun, challenging myself and test my creativity. I’ve realized how I haven’t done that in so long that my creativity is still at the same level as it was back then in high school. This class really put my mind to work. Like… real work. Research papers, with the help of internet, it mostly only takes time to construct, but creative writing, you actually need to think a lot harder. I would probably need a letter of recommendation soon, sometime next year since I’m graduating in the next semester, hopefully. If not, probably in 2013. I hope you won’t forget about me… lol. But since my grades aren’t exactly that, outstanding, I do need as much aid I can get so I was really glad when you’ve offered to the class. Not many teachers want the extra work. Yay! =)

The only thing I didn’t like… was probably the attendance points deduction. 4 points was a lot. And to think I used to complain about my other teacher’s 2 points deduction. Haha. But I guess it is creativity class, and our presence is absolutely important. Just to be sure, I’ve only been absent three times. Twice was from a doctor’s appointment. One of the doctor’s notes I’ve shown you, but the second, was the week before thanksgiving, I believe… and we didn’t meet on the week of thanksgiving so I’ve forgotten to show you my 2nd doctor’s note.

Thank you for teaching this class, you were a really great and inspiration professor. The group assignment, where everyone got in a circle and started to create poems and stories was really fun. I’ve enjoyed that a lot. You should definitely continue that in your future classes.

P.S…  (sorry, i know i tend to write a lot) The short story was really hard too. I’ve received such a mellow topic. I wasn’t used to writing depressing things. I’ve actually never went to the brooklyn bridge. but i’ve done many research upon it and discovered how there were many deaths before the bridge was even completely constructed. In fact, it was once known as a “cursed” bridge. They had to bring 5 elephants (i may be wrong on the number) in order to prove to the public that it was stable. I thought that was an interesting fact. I don’t know if you’ve already known it though… but i thought i might share it with you anyway.

I do believe that, if i had the actual experience of walking through the bridge, i might have written my story a bit better. Although, no one can really get inside the mind of a jumper unless they’ve had that thought before, so i might still lack that experience, and i do hope i’ll never have to try it out myself. lol I never gave the girl, a name, since… i didn’t think it mattered. I believe, sometimes, the unknown name, fits better in a story since it can be more relative. Like one representing all. Like the ” tomb of the unknown soldier.”  It was because he wasn’t identified, that he became a symbol of all soldiers. I was inspired by the jumping part, from my research paper i’ve done on the 911 terrorist attack, and there were many that had fell or jumped from the building that day. It was very tragic. Although their situation was different from the people on the bridge, since most of them trapped on wtc had no choice. But the people on the bridge does have a choice…  I guess, I’ve wanted all jumpers to think twice, before they make a move they may end up regretting last minute but it’ll be too late. I’ve never explained the problems my character was going through either, since i figured everyone has different problems of their own, so i just wanted to focus on that very moment, what was going through a person’s head. I dont even think she really wanted to jump, probably just the thought came into mind… but was too scared and probably was glad she never ended up jumping.

but then again, I’ve never had that experience so… it was hard writing about it. It’s just a scratch… mostly. Something I’ve thought off… at that moment.

I think another piece of information i thought was really important was that… from a documentary i’ve watched on the 911, the man said that… the people that jumped at the wtc, are not called jumpers. Jumpers are people who goes to work in the morning and “know” they were planning on jumping. But the people trapped up there didn’t want to, but had to… it was either a quick death or a slow painful one.

Sorry, i’ve just finished a 20 paged research paper about 911 archives… and my mind is now haunted… and i mean literally… haunted by that tragic event.

Should have choice a better topic… like Disney movies or something.

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