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A stranger’s home

Once upon a time there was a little girl who sat by the window waiting day and night, for the return of the woman that had brought her to a stranger’s home. “Come little one, it’s time for bed,” a voice behind her had called out. There was a storm going on outside and the little girl can hear the rain splash against the glass window in front of her. She frowned when the voice behind her came closer. “Come, it’s past 10. You must sleep.” The little girl felt the owner of the voice put a hand on her shoulder and tried to pull her away. She tried her best to shrug off the stranger’s hand. “Callie!” the stranger scold with a loud voice, but the little girl did not budge. The stranger sighed and softened her tone. “Callie please… you must understand that she won’t be back anymore.” Callie’s eyes began to water at the sound of “she.” “Come, your new friends are waiting for you in the bedroom,” the stranger continued. With that said, the little girl turned around and allowed the hands of a stranger lead her towards the door. But before she left the room, she took a last glance at the window behind her, “Come,” the stranger said once again. The little girl looked down to her feet and walked out the door as the stranger turned out the lights.

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