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Steakhouse and Korean BBQ crisis!

Posted by: jennchen115 | October 30, 2011 | 1 Comment |

Yesterday was my friend’s 21st birthday. She held the event at a Korean BBQ (all you can eat buffet) restaurant. Spend $30 watching everyone BBQ-ing meat on the grill in the middle of our table, while I was eating salad, corn, and korean cold noodles, “japchae.” I don’t know if any of you have even experienced Korean BBQ, apparently, it’s really delicious. You can select the meat you wish to bbq, and then experience the actually process of “cooking” the meat yourself. Plus each grill is planted in the middle of a large table with vents on top, easily accessible and no worries of bugs attacking you in the woods since it’s indoors.

I was surprised I was even able to FIND food that I can eat. Sigh… another day I found being a vegetarian a nuisance.

I remember during my¬†Atlantic¬†city trip in the past summer, my friends wanted to eat at the famous Steakhouse there. (I’ve forgotten the name) And me, being not wanted to be left out, went along. Well, the experience was sure interesting. Watching everyone spend $50-100 on their steaks while I ordered a $15 dollar salad. That was literally the only thing I can eat, besides the bread with butter. How sad. But can’t complain, what’s a vegetarian doing in a steakhouse in the first place? Haha, this is why people call me a “Cheap Date.”

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Dont take my comment the wrong way, just my opinion/how i feel. You need to stay in the past tense, if u r writing in the past. Honestly i like reading this little piece you wrote, but the only point i got out of it is that you are a vegetarian and ened up at a steak house. I don’t know where this is going, and couldn’t feel anything i was looking foward to. perhaps you could give more details what’s going to happen, some sense of foreshadowing.

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