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New friends, new bf, new life… not to shabby i’ll say.

Posted by: jennchen115 | October 5, 2011 | 3 Comments |

To be continued…

tune in for voices from friends who have turned into vegetarians. the struggles and blessings they’ve went through. how their parents reacted when they went home one day and told them they no longer wish to eat meat. It’ll be fun.

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First of all let me say I really wish I had as much will power as you do to actually become a vegetarian. I’m very strong willed and determined to accomplish a goal I set for myself but…wow is it hard. I’ve tried to actually become a veggie eater myself but sadly I failed. I believe I lasted a week and caved. Have no clue how I lasted that long, I’m too much of a meat lover,  sorry. Having lived in a household of just vegetarians of course helped you a lot. A lot of a person’s beliefs and characteristics of course come from their family so I can see how, although you tripped here and there, maintained the lifestyle of a vegetarian. Other than the poems, your blogs, in its entirety, fulfilled your theme completely. Your object of the blog was to explain how you grew up vegetarian, the different types and your struggles with the lifestyle you chose. I believe you completed that flawlessly. The blogs were very straightforward and to the point. They were extremely detailed (not saying that’s bad, I enjoyed it) which is why there’s really not many questions I would ask since you answered almost everything. I loved that you did research on your own about the vegetarian lifestyle. Although you did describe to the readers certain things you found out, you could have quoted or even linked a source that you were talking about. My favorite blog was “Rabbit Food, Half vegetarians, and bacon? Sorry mom, I have sinned”. I liked how you showed how hard you were trying to stick with your guns but at times just couldn’t because of the food limitations at school. It was very relatable in the sense that most kids and adults as well try to explain their actions if they weren’t able to accomplish something. Being a kid; very understandable. It’s extremely fascinating to me that there’s actually a term for a person that is vegetarian but once in a blue moon eats meat, Flexitarian or semi-vegetarians. Before reading this particular blog, I also believed what your friends had said that you’re either a vegetarian or you’re not. It’s good to know that I was wrong. The slaughterhouse blog was somewhat difficult to read entirely. I kept on thinking you were going to describe in detail what went on in the movie which I would have completely avoided reading. Though I wouldn’t want to read it, I believe you could have been a little bit more descriptive in this area. When it came time to read your poems, I was really amused at the first one. I felt exactly the same at attempting to start the poem. I just went blank as I assumed you did but you used that to your advantage and wrote it as your poem. As I did, I just suggest you try again. Since you did it well the first time, you could do better the second time around. For whatever reason, I was predicting that you would somehow incorporate something about being vegetarian in your poems or at least the mentioning of animals. I know be extremely hard but it would have been fun to see how you could have fused vegetarians in the poems.

I, too, am impressed by your research and the kinds of interesting information it elicited. My favorite thing about this blog is your tone, wch is so human, flawed, hopeful, idealistic, friendly, compassionate, and funny. You’re writing on a political subject, but not likely to have any hostile readers because you are so sensible and likeable here. Not easy! You’ve struck just the right chord, and if anyone could transform Monica into a vegetarian, it would be you!

Haha… it’s alright. I understand what you mean when you say “wow is it hard.” I have tried converting friends and they couldn’t last even a meal without meat on their plate. But i’m glad that you’ve actually tried going through it for a week, even even had the thought on your mind for it at all. It means you’ve done some considerations, and although it didn’t quite work out for you, at least your mind was once on that path.

It usually gets easier once you get older. my grandmother was one of those “couldn’t last even a meal without meat on their plate” when she was young, but now… she’s hardly even eating meat. It’s probably the oil, and when people age, they just want to eat light.

I’m really glad you liked my posts. To be honest, i originally thought my site was going to be thee most uninteresting site ever. But to my surprise, vegetarians aren’t really that uncommon after all, since a few of our classmates had posted that they were once if not still, vegetarians, or vegans.

The research, had impressed me as well. I usually thought only asian cultures had vegetarians dated back in the centuries. But it turns out western cultures had them too, including Christians. As for my own family history, it was fun recalling past memories. They were memories I didn’t think much about, and sort of took for granted. Now that i’ve written my posts, i’ve realized how important they actually were, for one to find their own identity.

And the poem? LOL! I’m honestly, surprised that you actually liked it. Or that anyone would like it. I mean, when i was reading the poem to my group in class, I was like, “I’m not even sure if this is even a poem. It’s more like a poem ABOUT a poem.” And it wasn’t even easy to compose, heck, it took me 3 hours. (well i was sort of distracted from facebook too) But i really did wake up at 6am to get started!

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