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My Life as a Vegetarian

Posted by: jennchen115 | September 15, 2011 | 1 Comment |

Hello there, my name is Jennifer Chen, but a simple Jenn will do. I was born and raised in United States, or New York to be exact, but I come from a Chinese heritage. Currently a student at Queens College, I am double majoring in English and Political Science. Should be at a senior level, but who knows, I lost track with the “upper” or “lower” standards in our school system. GPA? Well, school isn’t really my strongest point but I am definitely a people’s person and can be quite interested to be around with… or maybe not. Actually I’ve been told many times that I can pull off the elegant look as long as I keep my mouth shut, heh.  I live at home with my parents and three dogs. Yes, three dogs. I remember praying everyday for a dog when I was young, but now, sometimes i just want to throw them out the window.

I love reading books, I do, but like many other students, I am cursed with procrastination and laziness. It will take me forever to pick up a book, but once I do, I almost never put it back down until it’s finished. I am also cursed with curiosity, where I often find myself skipping to the last few pages of a book just to see the outcome of the story and then end up being disappointed when I’ve ruined my surprise. It’s a terrible curse and I have not yet been able to conquer it.

The theme I wish to focus on is My life as a vegetarian. The obstacles I had to go through as well as the mentality I had to face growing up in a vegetarian household, among  the world of carnivores. It wasn’t easy and not everyone understood my diet. I once found myself resenting my parents for raising me this way. From my blogs I will walk you through the steps I had to take and my first experience when consuming meat and how I went from a child with no choice to an adult who made her final choice in staying a vegetarian.

My purpose is to clear the misunderstandings people have for vegetarians and to explain the methods how one can survive not eating meat. Perhaps I can even inspire those to hear our voices and see things the way we see, if not, at least understand and respect our choices.

It’ll be fun to walk down my memory lane, now shall we?

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actually, just a pescetarian. but i def wanna go organic.

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